Sustainable to the end of the value chain.
FIEGE waste control.

Waste Control

Your secondary raw materials in responsible hands.

FIEGE Waste Control specialises in the analysis of recyclables, recycling, processing, the marketing of recyclable materials, and reporting. We make the most of your waste materials.

With us by your side, you need not worry about whether your waste control management is sustainable or complies with laws and regulations. The protection of our environment and resources guide our work.

We have vast experience on how to either repurpose products and materials or merge them into the circular economy. In brief: We offer our clients sustainability as it is the shared base for a successful future.

Comprehensive advice on print and media logistics
Made-to-measure multi-carriers, returns, and shipping
Efficient recycling and recyclables marketing
Customised carrier concepts & pallet management

Your advantages

The end is not the end

Give recyclables a chance – recycle, reuse, repurpose.

Logistics as a complete cycle

By closing the value chain.

Sustainability works

An ecological product and corporate image benefits not only the environment.

The safe side is the better side

We advise on how to comply with legal specifications.


FIEGE Last Mile - Waste Control - Wertstoffanalyse

Recyclables analysis

Recyclables analysis

  • Use the law to drive and design change. Our expertise covers the following fields: EU Waste Framework Directive, German Recycling Law (KrWG), German Packaging Law (VerpackG), Commercial Waste Ordinance (GewAbfVO), Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG), the Batteries Act (BattG), RoHS, REACH, Ecodesign, environmental legislation.
  • We stay right on track. Tap our executing and planning competencies that centre on the use, recovery, and organised disposal of items.
  • Sustainability is our key concern – avoidance precedes recycling, recovery, and removal: by protecting the environment and resources you are always on the green side.
  • Ongoing improvement based on our expertise: review, steering, interference (avoidance, prevention, etc.), management/ process control, regulation, and optimisation.
  • Made-to-measure services. No matter what you need – be it product responsibility, first-time circulation, voluntary self-commitment, accountability, obligations to accept returned products or the voluntary acceptance of returns – we have it.
  • For us, everything has its place. We keep your recyclables separate and comply with obligations regarding the surrender of waste to public waste management organisations.
FIEGE Last Mile - Waste Controle - Recycling



We keep everything in the loop.
Our comprehensive portfolio of services benefits you with the:

  • extraction of raw materials from waste following their introduction to upcycling or repurposing
  • preparation of waste products and seemingly useless substances followed by their repurposing into novel products
  • compliance with legal obligations to accept returned goods
  • legally-compliant recovery and disposal
  • logistics: transportation, collection, storage, sorting
FIEGE Last Mile - Waste Control - Wertstoffvermarktung

Marketing recyclable materials

Marketing recyclable materials

  • Reuse or recover – make the most with our product and material recovery for the circular economy.
  • Tailored to meet the waste you produce, your disposed waste is sorted and rated by quality and quantity (e.g., paper, cardboard, carton, metal, glass, or electric and electronic waste).
FIEGE Last Mile - Waste Control - Reporting



Documentation – making things easy for you.

Our performance portfolio for your advantage:

  • ElektroG2
  • German Packaging Law (VerpackG)
  • electronic signature
  • documentation and monitoring

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Bernhard Albers
Leitung Waste Control