RocketSpace, Fiege and partners select start-ups to enter next phase of Logistics Tech Accelerator

Fiege joins international Logistics Tech Accelerator

Greven, 26th January 2017. Cross-border e-commerce, Augmented Reality or autonomous robots for intralogistics: The logistics company Fiege, a corporate collaborator of the international Logistics Tech Accelerator, seeks start-ups wanting to advance the future of logistics with innovative business ideas. Partnering with, for example, San Francisco’s RocketSpace technology campus and Spain’s Kaleido, Fiege has now shortlisted ten start-ups for the Logistics Tech Accelerator 2017.

“We held many talks with interesting start-ups. The ideas revolved mainly around the digitisation and automation of all conceivable supply chain processes”, says Andreas Pott, Director Corporate Development at Fiege. For Fiege, so Pott, the Accelerator has proven worthwhile. “We can already say that we want to intensively pursue and accompany a few of the really exciting ideas presented.”

Ten start-ups from seven countries

Over a period of four months, the chosen start-ups will have the opportunity to advance and develop their respective business idea with the help of the logistics partners. “We support the start-ups and share our expertise with them”, says Executive Board member, Felix Fiege. “Also, we will be implementing some ideas as pilot projects and hope this will mature into a business model that we will want to participate in.”

The ten chosen start-ups originate from seven different countries, ranging from India to Europe, to USA. With Mycargorates from Cologne and Sennder from Berlin, two German start-ups have been added to the Accelerator’s international line-up. Mycargorates has developed an online-based transport management system and booking portal for logistics, while Sennder offers solutions for same-day or 12-hour delivery services.