FIEGE wants to learn about its employees’ level of satisfaction as well as opinion and refers to a company-wide employee survey for this. The goal is to help identify where FIEGE is getting things right, but also unveil the potential for optimisation, and where change processes can be set into motion.

FIEGE has called to life an innovative inclusion project in Nagarole Rocca. RED: Responsabilità e diversità – Responsibility and Diversity – is the name of the project that is dedicated to the employment and inclusion of by now eleven people with disability at the Italian facility.

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FIEGE had once again invited friends to join it for its FAST & FORWARD event held in Berlin on Thursday. The goal of this year’s networking event is to bring companies and start-ups together, engage in discussions, and take along fresh stimuli for one’s teams and organisations. An expectation which once again was more than fulfilled.