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Automated analysis of data: Fiege and scientists form Westphalia DataLab

Das Münsteraner Start-up Westphalia DataLab bietet eine automatisierte Datenanalyse für mittelständische Unternehmen an. Sie freuen sich über die Gründung: Prof. Dr. Reiner Kurzhals (v.r.), Felix Fiege, Cornelius Brosche und Marcus Gropp.

Mid-sized enterprises are to run budget-friendly data analysis

Münster, 26th January 2018. Data are valuable when knowing how to evaluate them, and the relevance of data analysis is growing by the day. Fiege Logistik and a team comprising scientists from Münster University of Applied Sciences have therefore formed Westphalia DataLab, which provides automated data analyses as an on-demand service for companies. The Münster-based start-up celebrated its opening on 26th January 2018.

“Big Data and data analyses present a highly complex content. We want to make it as easy as possible for medium-sized enterprises to draw insights from their data without the need of having to employ programmers, statisticians, or other specialists”, explains Professor Reiner Kurzhals. The data scientist from Münster University manages Westphalia DataLab together with the doctoral students Cornelius Brosche and Marcus Gropp from the company’s Münster-based eCommerce department. The Münster head office already has a headcount of over three dozen people, usually university graduates from Münster.

Gaining a better understanding of customers

“Companies record volumes of data which so far tend to be left untouched. Yet it is possible to generate so much knowledge about one’s clientele and their internal flows from this in order to derive measures for marketing activities, improvements of proprietary methods or even entirely new business models”, says Marcus Gropp. Westphalia DataLab offers, for example, Predictive Maintenance as one data application option. “Imagine your doorbell rings one day and a technician says: ‘Your dishwasher will break down in two days, so I am here today to repair it’. We can make things like this happen”, Gropp explains.

The Münster data analysts at Westphalia DataLab offer this kind of assistance using automated technology. “We want to show that these days, it is neither a costly affair nor does it need to be a complicated one to make a business data-driven”, says Kurzhals. The data scientists are already serving many customers from their Münster office.

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