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Fiege targets intelligent package inserts

Successful co-operation between Adnymics and Fiege

Großbeeren, 9th May 2017. Competition is becoming fiercer by the day. Online retailers are increasingly relying on an emotional and personalised approach to reach their customers once they have clicked the Buy button. Thanks to a co-operation with the Munich-based start-up Adnymics, customers of the globally-operating full-service logistics provider Fiege can draw on this trend beyond their online shop, all the way to the dispatched parcel, with immediate effect.

The internationally-operating fulfilment and logistics provider Fiege has entered a co-operation with Adnymics which offers new services to its clientele for individualised shipping inserts. For this, the company, whose eCommerce customer base includes names like Deichmann, MediaMarkt and Zalando, integrates Adnymics’ so-called Target Packaging solution into its supply chain processes. With Adnymics’ hardware and software solution, online retailers can customise package inserts destined for the individual customer. This approach is particularly suited for personalised product recommendations that are based on the individual customer’s buying history, for incentivised voucher campaigns, or for customisable editorial content.

Integration of printing and packing into existing flows

»For us as a logistics specialist, the most important thing was that we could integrate the printing and packing of the brochures in such a process-optimised way into our existing flows that there were no interruptions«, is how Ilja Gunigin, project and account manager at Fiege Logistik, explains the requirements for the co-operation. »Also, we had to be sure that the brochures, once printed, could be assigned to the individual order without difficulty, so as to avoid any unintentional mix-ups.« Target Packaging meets all of these requirements because of the system’s simplicity. The Adnymics system applies identifiers like colour codes, to each brochure. »This helps our employees to immediately spot which brochure needs to be allocated to which delivery, to ensure an error-free operation«, explains Mathias Schmidt, eCommerce Operations Manager in Großbeeren for Fiege Logistik. The system was integrated without problems and employees continued with their work as usual without additional waiting times or movements.

Fiege always looks for new ideas that offer added value

»As an internationally-operating logistics provider we are always looking for new ideas that offer genuine added value to our customers«, says Gunigin. With Adnymics’ customised package inserts Fiege can offer an innovative value added service to its customers. »We are pleased to have a strong partner by our side in Fiege. There were no complications in integrating our systems at Fiege, everything went smoothly. This proves that the addition of further services need not be at the expense of existing process flows«, emphasises Dominik Romer, CEO Adnymics. Thanks to the easy integration into existing supply chain processes, the Adnymics system can be used both, at the warehouses owned by smaller retailers as well as at the larger warehouses of supply chain heavyweights such as Fiege.

Take a look at our video to see just how easily Adnymics’ Target Packaging solution is integrated into everyday operations: Watch video


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