People at FIEGE

FIEGE inside – many different people put a face to our company

People and their stories about teamwork and talent.

Here at FIEGE, the focus is on the people. Our training courses are as diverse as our life stories are. Whether highly qualified or less skilled, all FIEGE employees have one thing in common: They enjoy working here because the family business with its rich tradition takes good care of them and offers many different career paths with first-choice opportunities.

On this page we would like to introduce a few of our colleagues to you and in this video our board members, Jens and Felix Fiege, talk about what makes working at FIEGE so special.


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"Why is FIEGE a good match for you?"

  • FIEGE and I build a perfect match

    Philipp Holtgreve, Digital Product Manager
  • I like the forward looking view

    Kristina Haselmann, Junior Managerin Corporate Sustainability
  • I can develop my interests

    Nele Grothus, dual student of business administration Bachelor of Arts and office administrator
  • I want to be part of the success story

    Boris Awdejew, Head of Information Security & Group Chief Information Security Officer
  • I can live my work life flow

    Carina Haverstreng, Head of Business Administration and Operational Excellence
  • My colleagues motivate me

    Małgorzata Żabińska - Grygier, Area Managerin
  • I like the diversity

    Denis Gritzmann, shift manager
  • I appreciate the trust and the perspectives

    Fabian Wider, Teamlead Human Resources
  • There is much that can be achieved at FIEGE

    Yavuz Yilmaz, team leader and loading master
  • I appreciate wealth of ideas and team spirit

    Gavin Agbe-Davies, Project Assistant
  • I have the chance to be creative

    Lea Möhle, Student Employee Human Resources
  • The family environment made the start easier for me

    Kevin Koffer, apprentice freight forwarding and logistics services
  • At FIEGE I am a person and not just a number

    Ali Haxhaj, order picker and deputy team leader
  • I appreciate the compatibility of family and job

    Swantje Hepke, logistics project manager
  • The acknowledgment motivates me

    Szymon Amanowicz, team leader
  • I appreciate how much trust I receive

    Lara Hüser, apprentice office management
  • The versatility here inspires me every day

    Annegret Floer-Fischer, warehouse worker at packaging

    Christoph Grad, operations Manager
  • I wish to make a difference

    Günali Güngör, warehouse manager
  • I value the friendly interaction

    Verena Behlen, assistant to the CIO Group IT
  • I enjoy the friendly nature at work

    Gerrit Heinke, department head
  • The deep appreciation here inspires me

    Lewis Helget, team leader
  • Good team spirit is important to me

    Martina Schlottbom, Head of HR Business Solutions
  • I need exciting challenges at work

    Benjamin Wiens, BI Product Manager
  • I value the willingness to help each other

    Daniel van der Linde, operations manager in Otzberg