People at FIEGE

FIEGE inside – many different people put a face to our company

People and their stories about teamwork and talent.

Here at FIEGE, the focus is on the people. Our training courses are as diverse as our life stories are. Whether highly qualified or less skilled, all FIEGE employees have one thing in common: They enjoy working here because the family business with its rich tradition takes good care of them and offers many different career paths with first-choice opportunities.

On this page we would like to introduce a few of our colleagues to you. Read about their stories, and what makes FIEGE so special for them.


"Why is FIEGE a good match for you?"

  • I value a respectful interaction

    Amir Bedoui, warehouse worker at incoming goods
  • I love the diversity of my job at FIEGE

    Katja Jansen, driver
  • I value the friendly interaction

    Verena Behlen, Assistant to the CIO Group IT
  • I like the personalised support

    Matteo Horstmann, team leader
  • I enjoy the friendly nature at work

    Gerrit Heinke, department head
  • The deep appreciation here inspires me

    Lewis Helget, team leader
  • I value continuity and commitment

    Bastian Blömker, team leader
  • Good team spirit is important to me

    Martina Schlottbom, Head of Strategic Human Resources
  • I need exciting challenges at work

    Benjamin Wiens, IT specialist
  • I value the willingness to help each other

    Daniel van der Linde, operations manager in Otzberg