Real Estate

175 locations, 2.9 million square metres of warehouse space in 15 countries throughout Europe and Asia. Such is the impressive record of FIEGE Real Estate. An achievement that was recognised in 2018 with the Platow real estate award. The FIEGE Group is one of Germany’s Top 10 logistics properties developer.

FIEGE Real Estate is divided into three focal areas: Real Estate Development, Real Estate Management, and Energy Management.

As an employee in this functional area you realise large-volume, integrated and synchronised logistics properties, from their development, to controlling the investment, to facility management.

The complex tasks within Real Estate Development and Real Estate Management encompass, for example, the acquisition of sites, space analyses, the development of investor models, planning building concepts, project management during the implementation phase, activities within space management, facility management and energy management.

You will support and advise our clients on all technical and infrastructure-related matters.

As an engineer, management expert or architect, you are a member of a team of experts with many years of experience in developing logistics properties. You will meet with experienced specialists and young graduates, but mostly with colleagues who will share their appreciation of you and trust in you.