Marketing & Communication

As a marketing and communications manager, you put a face to the FIEGE Group and our culture.

You work as a service provider at the heart of our Company, right where the Management, the client, service departments, business units and branches in Europe and Asia all interface.

Your duties are as diverse and varied as never before.

You optimise the corporate design of the FIEGE Group. You provide website and Intranet support. You advise the specialist departments and branches on all matters of communication as well as marketing activities.

You are involved in public relations, take care of media enquiries and author press releases. Everything that the company publishes passes through your hands.

You manage the company’s marketing events or take on a consulting capacity. These duties range from the development and implementation of roadshows, to trade fair presences. You create the supporting materials from the print and digital field.

One major challenge is to ensure a standard communication of the FIEGE Group in the digital age. The continuous rise of online channels increases complexity all the time. You are tasked with the co-ordination of our social web presence and other online profiles and their ongoing development.

The fascination within Marketing & Communications lies in its diversity. There are barely any routines. You work autonomously with many people from different countries and areas: clients, partners, media representatives, graphic designers and photographers, IT specialists, and many more.

Within the team, your colleagues come from all walks of life. They are marketing specialists, but also career changers. It is not so much their qualification that defines them, but rather their willingness to accept the constant change within marketing, to measure up to new challenges and tasks and to continuously improve themselves through further education.

Strong communication skills, your knowledge of social networks, your feel for language and content, your creativity, your organisational talent and lastly, your visionary thinking – all of these are called for.