Human Resources

“We are your partner in recruiting, retaining and developing people.” This claim guides your work within Human Resources.

When pooling all activities, your commitment within Human Resources at FIEGE covers many different fields of professions, such as Personnel Officer, HR Marketing, Employer Branding Manager, HR Developer and Talent Manager, Personnel Administrator, HR Payroll Specialist.

Day-to-day business offers a large variety of activities for you. You advise the Management, for example on all things labour law. You assist staff in all HR-related issues. You recruit new employees. You plan and co-ordinate our annual training and development programmes, right through to individual promotion measures. You are committed to occupational health management. And on top of all this, there are many tasks within HR administration, such as payrolls, or maintaining master data.

You advise and serve the Executive Board, business units and branches of the FIEGE Group in all questions that regard the management of human resources. Our employees are your clients.

By applying modern HR concepts, you will accompany, support and assist our employees in reaching their professional and personal goals. This contributes substantially towards the Company achieving its set targets.

The team in the entire process chain of HR Management.

In the long run you focus on the advancement and implementation of our HR strategy which equally includes such areas as HR Marketing and Employer Branding.

You consult with our managers in creating individual career plans with the aim of allowing each employee to unfold the full potential of their knowledge and experience.

Within the team, you will meet with management experts, psychologists, lawyers, social scientists or specialists from commercial professions and various other specialist fields. You all share a passion for working with people.