Quality is not a coincidence at FIEGE, but the result of a defined quality management. We live this responsibility towards stakeholders, society, employees, and clients.

Working within Quality is defined by measurability and transparency. Our primary focal points include quality, occupational safety, the environment, and social commitment. As a quality manager at FIEGE, you will direct the primary focus of your diverse activities towards this.

You will optimise processes, structures, and services. You will offer advice and provide support in building various management systems. You will assist with the compliance and implementation of standardised, legal quality and organisational norms defined by FIEGE. You will conduct internal audits in co-ordination with the certifying agency and accommodate the client’s requirements in quality-relevant issues.

A further emphasis of your work concentrates on occupational safety, fire safety and handling hazardous goods and materials at the Company. You will support the business units and branches in implementing official requirements. You advise on the design and evaluation of occupational safety and the working environment. You will assess and examine fire risks. You will advise your colleagues on how to plan and implement structural, technical and organisational fire safety measures.

The development and implementation of training as well as CPD concepts for our employees on how to handle hazardous goods and substances, on fire safety and occupational safety are equally part of your important profile.

As a project manager, you will share your know-how with large-scale projects of FIEGE Real Estate as well as the business units.

It is a given that the managing of business risks in our line of work holds special value for us. For this reason, FIEGE Quality supports the start-up, OPTICERT. OPTICERT is about quickly analysing and minimising risks inherent in the Company by taking an integrated approach. A field of activity that offers exciting prospects.

FIEGE Quality will have you work closely with the service segments, business units and branches of the FIEGE Group, as well as with the authorities and certifying institutes. You will also be liaising with our clients and suppliers, offering advice on matters relevant to quality while ensuring that the defined quality standards are met.

You have an analytical mindset and can present complex issues at a high level with ease? You are eloquent and, as a Quality Manager, want to ensure a good performance delivery and functioning processes? Add to this that you want to understand people working in different fields, help them qualify and improve and ease the work together with you? Then the position of a Quality Manager is just the right role for you.

Career changers are welcome

One important aspect of the work within quality management at FIEGE is to involve your knowledge from other QM-conscious disciplines which you involve yourself in as a quality manager. For example, experience gained in project management, in engineering professions, mechanical engineering or IT form the base. Continued professional training will allow you to accomplish certification to become a Quality Manager.

Quality management at FIEGE is a highly responsible managerial task. It is attractive because of its diversity and ongoing change.