The Finance functional area sees itself as an internal business service provider serving the Executive Board, the service departments, the business units and the branches within the FIEGE Group.

Finance is divided into three principal focal areas: Finance Management, Risk Management and Insurance Management. The activities within these fields are complex and call for a high degree of responsibility. In Finance Management your contribution adds to the positively long-term progress of the FIEGE Group on the commercial side.

Your commitment focuses on strategic and operational planning processes. You advise your clients on their investment decisions. You deal with the procurement, allocation and control of financial resources. You assume responsibility for an effective and efficient control of the budget and of the cashflow. You analyse financial data and business reports.

Compliance issues within the FIEGE Group that relate to finance receive your attention. Not only do you ensure that regulatory standards are complied with, but also legal requirements. Likewise, you keep an eye on the company’s ethics as defined by our Code of Conduct.

As a Risk Manager, you spot risks and threats to the organisation on time and know how to prevent them from becoming an issue or mitigate their impact whenever they do occur. Your activity creates transparency, clears uncertainties, and thus allows opportunities to be used in full.

Within Insurance Management, you handle the insurance schemes of the FIEGE Group. You analyse the need for insurance and guarantee optimal insurance cover. You settle claims for employees as well as for the organization.

The Finance team encompasses many diverse competencies: Financial Engineering and Analysis, Treasure/ Cash Management, Risk Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Insurance.