Corporate Development

Corporate Development will see you working right in the strategic centre of the FIEGE Group. You will be developing and integrating strategies which secure and expand the long-term value of the Company. You will be pro-actively designing the future of FIEGE.

Your central responsibilities within Corporate Development include the development, orientation and integration of new strategic process flows based on our mission statement and our vision. You engage in a dynamic and strategic dialogue with the Executive Board and the business units of the FIEGE Group. Also, you analyse our markets and market players. You create the basis for medium- to long-term strategic corporate goals. You explore our potential for success.

Within innovation management, you are committed to strategic projects with the aim of developing new and improved products and services, new business models or new processes. You shape the framework for novel ideas as the foundation for successful innovation. Amongst other things, you will be tasked with organising the annual FIEGE INNOVATION CHALLENGE.

New ideas are yours to develop and seek. On the outside, you co-operate with start-ups that FIEGE boosts and mentors. Such commitment is met with much recognition. In December 2018, FIEGE was recognised as an OPEN INNOVATION MANAGER by the European Commission and joined Europe’s Top 24 of innovative enterprises.

Corporate Marketing pursues the goal of anchoring a distinctive profile of FIEGE with our stakeholders as well as employees, thus forming the bedrock for high acceptance and our success. You will partake in the pioneering orientation of FIEGE in all areas of marketing. You optimise our marketing processes. You work closely together with specialist areas in charge of the marketing campaigns, public relations and Employer Branding, as well as with marketing managers.

The diversity of tasks shows that Corporate Development at FIEGE is interconnected closely with all corporate areas. Many talented individuals from different professional fields work here as managers or graduates – from engineers, innovation managers and marketing managers, to business development specialists.