Controlling forms the safety net that backs the entire company. It is so much more that traditional financial controlling. At FIEGE, controllers are more like consultants to the operational units who provide concrete approaches and strategies to enhance their respective revenue and cost situation.

FIEGE Controlling is based on these four pillars:

Corporate Controlling forms the central unit which defines standards for company-wide structures and processes.

Management Information Systems provide the data and analyse them using modern business intelligence systems.

Operational Controlling supports the decentralised controlling of the individual locations and safeguards the communication between the business units with Controlling’s specialist areas.

Business Unit Controlling supports the Management at the operational units.

As a controller, your support relies on statistical and standardised methodology and process analyses to achieve sustained business segment results. You create transparency, thereby paving the way to challenge operational processes and strategies. You advocate a transfer of know-how for business units and specialist departments to increasingly interconnect. You apply standardised reporting structures to come to fast, well-informed corporate decisions.

Join a confident team that deals with a variety of focal tasks and significant responsibility and

  • enjoys handling figures, structures and process flows
  • is comprised of dedicated controllers, consultants and business analysts
  • actively shapes the controlling concept of the FIEGE Group and translates the company-specific business model into processes;  validates reporting information and creates its own definitions
  • becomes actively involved in new FIEGE projects and pushes their implementation
  • works closely together and engages in a close exchange with operational units as a team
  • understands honest and transparent communication not as a mere phrase but lives it with passion