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Join us if you are an experienced professional, a pupil, a student, a graduate, a senior citizen, a career changer or re-entering the workforce.

Enticing responsibilities and good relations

We allow both young people and experienced professionals to find their place with us. Be it for one’s continued professional development, the first job in a professional career, an Integrated Degree Programme, coming from a different background, for starting over again, or for a mini job. FIEGE offers many opportunities and prospects. If you are ready for a new challenge, we are happy to support you along the way. You will have a reliable partner in us, where the atmosphere at work is defined by a sense of colleagueship.

Experienced professionals

New challenges for the pro

You have already found your professional place, are looking for innovative projects, exciting fields of responsibilities, and new professional challenges? We have interesting offers for you!

We have an interesting and exciting working environment in logistics waiting for you. If you, too, value a mixture of tradition, innovation, personal responsibility and teamwork and are ready to create new things, you will feel at home with us. Benefit professionally and personally from attractive prospects at FIEGE and continue your ongoing career with us. Learn more here about where you can unfold your potential with us.

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Turning theoretical knowledge into practice

You successfully completed your studies and, as a recent graduate, are looking for the right company where you can set things in motion? Accept the challenge at FIEGE and unfold your talent in an innovative work environment. Next to logistics we offer an international, friendly environment to economists, IT specialists, engineers, real estate experts and graduates from other exciting fields. We provide you with the necessary orientation while giving you the freedom to develop your individuality and find your very own place in our company. Ideal career opportunities and our diverse educational offers in an international environment will allow us to build your future together.

Check our current vacancies to find out more about your opportunities or submit your unsolicited application to our online job market.


Unique experiences are yours to make with us

For students we offer exciting, practical insights into an international environment. Take a look behind the scenes during your studies. Learn about the diversity the logistics industry has to offer and make interesting contacts.

Not only can we offer practical experience that allows you to improve your chances of success. With us, you can shape your thesis in the different areas with a specific practical rapport from a variety of perspectives and angles.

Learn more about the possibilities we offer students from our current vacancy listings.

  •     Student employee (m/f/x)
  •     Trainee (m/f/x)

on our online job market.


Learning for a future

You have a degree in your pocket and are looking for the right training? There is not a single sector that can do without logistics. This very diversity makes working with us an exciting prospect. We help you to obtain qualifications that you will need for your ongoing professional career. Don’t miss this opportunity and get started with FIEGE!

Check our online job market for the latest available training opportunities at our locations in

  •     the industrial sector
  •     the commercial sector

Career changers

Finding a job that suits me

You have never worked in logistics before? Did you train for a profession and wish to change careers? Or maybe you started studying only to find out that you are happier in a different field?

FIEGE not only has many different sectors and business segments to choose from, but also employees with many different backgrounds. FIEGE allows you to join the company as a career changer or returner with ease. Our development opportunities help you enter the World of Logistics while simultaneously pursuing a specific professional development.

Take a look on our online job market to see which professional fields are available.


Welcome back

Was your primary focus over the past years on your family? Do you now wish to return to a working situation? Or maybe other reasons prevented you from actively pursuing a professional career?

FIEGE gives you the possibility to share your skills and talent to return to a professional life. Benefit from our offers to join the job world under flexible terms. Be sure to review our enticing CPD programmes.

Take a look at our available vacancies on the online job market.

Mini job

in the middle, flexible, reliable

Your goal is to make some extra money and work a few hours a week on a flexible schedule? Or maybe you are looking for a job during the (semester) break?

FIEGE offers marginal employment opportunities under a flexible part-time working model.

Take a look at our available vacancies on the online job market.

Meet us here

Curious about who we are?

Come and visit us at one of the job and career fairs. We are happy to join you at your school or uni. Or communicate with us on the social media networks. We look forward to interesting talks with you and are happy to introduce our company to you, as well as the opportunities we can provide to start off your career.

FIEGE at career fairs

Career fairs allow you to talk live and direct with our colleagues. You are bound to have many questions – even industry-specific ones. We are happy to answer these. And if we cannot answer them directly, our specialists can. At the fairs we demonstrate what your career with us could look like.

FIEGE on social media

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