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Magazine No. 91 / 2018

Magazine No. 91 / 2018

The best of both worlds: Karstadt and FIEGE form new logistics company

Karstadt and the logistics provider Fiege are forming a new logistics company: the joint venture named Fiege X Log will handle all logistics for Karstadt starting 2020. In future, Fiege X Log
will be able to provide its expertise and services even to other businesses in the market.

More topics in this magazine:
  • Logistics for eBay in Apfelstädt
  • Support for volunteering commitment
  • Real Estate Development honoured for property management
  • Celebrating 40 years: Bridgestone and Fiege
  • Go-live at Fiege’s modernised headquarters
  • Fiege & Friends at Spiegelpalast
  • Focus on Artificial Intelligence
  • First achievements in no time
  • Fiege Soccer Cup in Krakow – biggest event in company history
  • High award for co-operation with start-ups
  • ‘Tremendous compliment’ for the team
  • Fiege relies increasingly on innovation
  • Fiege X Log joint venture unites Karstadt and Fiege
  • Creating new standards in retail logistics
  • Fiege Innovation Challenge – a successful concept
  • New smart glasses for Worms and Großbeeren
  • Opticert for safety on the job
  • The many benefits of the freight assignment tool
  • Smart glasses lower potential error rates
  • Social media bolster communication with employees
  • Lean Management to ensure future success
  • Knowledge sharing leads to success
  • Doing the best is a driver and a mission
  • Honorary award for social commitment of employees
  • Documenting the skillset of untrained staff
  • An authentic and attractive employer