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Finding good personnel especially amongst one’s own

Bettina Pick (l.) and Martina Schlottbom (r.) from HR at Fiege Logistik welcomed Professor Alexander Haubrock (2nd from left) of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and Stephan Hols from the IHK Nord Westfalen, plus a further 34 personnel development representatives attending the work group, at Fiege's system headquarters in Greven.

The IHK Nordwestfalen work group comprised of representatives from personnel development came together at Fiege Logistik to discuss Talent Management

Greven, 22nd November 2016. Vying for qualified personnel has become an increasingly daunting task for companies. It is thus all the more important that businesses identify and advance talent from within their own ranks. This was the conclusion drawn by the 38 attendees of the work group for personnel development organised by the chamber of industry and commerce of North Westphalia. Personnel developers from different businesses based in the Münsterland came together at Fiege Logistik in Greven on 16th November. Alexander Haubrock, business psychology professor at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, held a paper titled “Talent Management  – Do we really need it?”.

“I am happy to say that the presentation was followed by a very lively exchange”, says Martina Schlottbom, head of strategic personnel management at Fiege. Münsterland-based companies approach this topic in part very differently: Some consider every employee to be a talent, as a matter of principle. Others term highly-qualified employees with special abilities and skills a talent. Also, Münsterland’s businesses often face similar challenges: having to compete for qualified junior employees; vacant vocational training positions that cannot be filled; or professionals that are being headhunted.

Fiege’s top managers given 360-degree feedback appraisal

Martina Schlottbom introduced HR activities implemented at the Fiege Group: this year saw Fiege provide so-called 360-degree feedback to the top management level for the first time. The heads of the individual business units were appraised by everyone – their superiors, their colleagues, but also their employees. “The feedback given by colleagues and employees was provided anonymously and almost 90 per cent completed the online questionnaire”, says Martina Schlottbom. This new type of employee survey was well received at Fiege. Next year, the 360-degree appraisal will be rolled out for the next higher managerial level. “That is when branch managers at our 160 locations will be appraised accordingly.”

To spot a potential manager and continuously develop their skills is an area which will become more and more important in the future, so Schlottbom. Professor Haubrock deliberately raised the provocative question whether Talent Management is really necessary. The unanimous answer by the those attending the work group was a definitive “yes”. Stephan Hols of IHK Nord Westfalen was highly satisfied with the event: “Almost forty participants engaged in a constructive exchange. This shows that our networking offer still goes down well. For more than ten years, the work group for personnel development has been convening regularly to discuss current topics.”


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