FIEGE Innovation
Challenge 2018

We invite all employees of FIEGE and students to let the exciting possibilities of our times inspire them. This is your chance to make your idea happen - with FIEGE!

On a par with Google, Bosch and Bridgestone: EU distinguishes Fiege as an Open Innovation Challenger
Startup Europe Partnership (SEP), an initiative by the European Commission, has again distinguished Fiege as an Open Innovation Challenger. For the fourth year running, start-ups from across Europe have nominated…
We help and
support Start-Ups

We support innovative ideas and business models in the logistics industry: anything from drones to driverless vehicles to completely transparent, digitised storage - the future of...

Our Product:

We add more efficiency to our partners' value chains.

FIEGE is a family-run company in the fifth generation. To us, our customers are our partners. We optimise the value of every aspect of their process chains, even offering proprietary solutions, inclusive of the complete fulfilment of all logistical activities.

Innovation and long-term thinking have made us one of Europe’s leading contract logistics companies. As a modern enterprise, we constantly evolve – thanks to new technologies and ideas.



We are the specialist in our focus sectors.


Developing integrated customer solutions is our core competence.

From 15 countries
into the world

With a workforce of over 12,900 based at 185 facilities, we create made-to-measure solutions.

Whether fashion, industry or full-service eCommerce: We find the optimal solution for your demands with a highly cost-efficient approach. Our Europe-based Mega Centers offer just the right warehouse for your storage needs. We even develop the very cross-border solution your international operations call for.


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