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Real Estate Development Made to measure for your specific supply chain facility

From property development to investment control, to facility management - we stand by your side as a reliable partner for all things real estate. Together we design made-to-measure supply chain facilities for you and handle the overall development of your new property.

An active, ongoing project management and control allow us to optimise the quality, design, costs and construction period. A smooth project flow is the result of precision planning and experience. Our project development, for example, is marked by a true-to-detail, sustainable implementation. The turnkey handover and follow-up support for your property ensure the success of your logistical facility.

Years of experience in developing logistics properties form the foundation stone for the construction of future-proof facilities based on planning that you can count on. Our team of experienced experts stands by your side to assist you with your individual project - providing services that include everything from master planning to project management at the optimal location. Connect with us for a consult.

Jörg de Boer
Real Estate Development