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eCommerce Solutions The easy way to do online business

An attractive online shop, great products and swift deliveries - your customers place high expectations on eCommerce. We do online business the easy way. From order and payment processing, to risk and customer management, to the professional handling of returns, we provide the full spectrum of fulfilment services. Thanks to our modular services structure, we can work together to create your customised solution.

Take off with your online shop. Our systems and structures are scaled to your success - from start-up to established company. Even in the future, you can stay relaxed when your customers go on a shopping spree. Our long-standing experience in all sectors is available for your benefit.

Secure your customers’ long-term loyalty with efficient logistics and customised fulfilment and plan everything for your eCommerce operations with your dedicated contact. Connect with us for a consult.

  • 1.

    Risk Management

    Scoring and appraisal of the customer in order to choose the ideal form of payment with the lowest probability of default.

  • 2.


    Processing diverse types of international payment: depending on the target group, products and country, we assist you in selecting the type of payment.

  • 3.

    Financial Services

    Keeping subsidiary ledgers for creditors and debtors serves the purpose of tracing outstanding items and demonstrating a company’s financial success.

  • 4.

    Customer Service

    We offer customer service for eCommerce: call, mail and managing social media channels for media-wide customer dialogue.

  • 5.

    IT Order Management

    IT Order Management handles order processing and manages services. One system combines all core services.

  • 6.


    Storage and order picking as well as returns processing for international eCommerce.

  • 7.

    Data Analytics

    Analytics of transaction data for different fields of application in marketing, or for processing optimisation and resource management. Analytical CRM for direct marketing or Category Management are examples of the fields of application.

  • 8.

    Merchant of Record Services

    We can even handle eCommerce services as a merchant for your business.

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