Always On the Job

FIEGE Personnel Logistics combines logistical know-how with human resources expertise. As a specialist, we develop and implement intelligent human resources solutions for the retail trade, the industry and logistics.



FIEGE Personnel Logistics offers solutions for the following fields:


Qualification and Integration

  • Logistics workshop
  • Vocational retraining as a warehouse logistics specialist
  • Formation as a fork lift operator
  • Formation as a vehicle operator / haulage
  • Formation as a vehicle operator / passenger transport
  • Customer-specific qualification

Human Resources

  • Development and implementation of personnel-intensive solutions
  • Recruitment, planning, hiring and placement
  • Full-service management
  • Return of requested employees
  • Skilled workers for handling

In-house solutions

  • Contracts for services and employment for the retail trade, logistics and production
  • Performance-based invoicing within the framework of supplying temporary employees
  • Analysis, calculation, optimisation, consultation
  • Equipment service


Added value

As a certified training provider, our company assists in the qualification and integration of those seeking employment, in addition to providing further training for employees and external participants. This constitutes the basis for offering specific solutions such as the provision of logistical staff at short notice, or the assumption of partial supply chain processes subject to a contract for services. Combination products comprised of equipment plus the respectively specialised employees round off the product portfolio.

For more information about Personnel Logistics, please go to:

Ulrich Selter
Managing Director
Work Service GmbH

+49 2571 58863-12